Faculty and students in the Department of Geoscience encompass a broad array of disciplines. Here you will find information on their areas of specialization, current research, teaching, and outreach.

Academic Contacts

  • Rodney V. Metcalf
    Associate Professor – Department Chair / Graduate Program Coordinator

    Metamorphic and Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry

    LFG 203

    Phone: (702) 895-4442

  • Michael J. Nicholl
    Associate Professor – Associate Department Chair

    Vadose Zone Hydrology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Geological Engineering

    LFG 227

    Phone: (702) 895-4616

  • Elisabeth (Libby) M. Hausrath
    Associate Professor – Graduate Admissions Coordinator

    Geochemistry, Astrobiology, Mars, Water: rock interactions, Geomicrobiology, Chemical weathering, Soil-forming processes, Hydrogeochemistry

    SEB 4132

    Phone: (702) 895-1134

  • Shichun Huang
    Assistant Professor – Undergraduate Coordinator

    High Temperature Geochemistry; petrology; Non-traditional Stable isotopes; Cosmochemistry

    LFG 201B

    Phone: (702) 895-2635