What is Geoscience?

Geoscience is an all encompassing term used to refer to the Earth Sciences. Geoscientists can come from such fields as the atmospheric sciences,geology, hydrology, mineralogy, petrology, planetary science, pedology, and oceanography.
Geoscientists strive to understand earth processes and develop solutions to society’s most challenging problems. They study the origin and evolution of our planet; the chemical and physical properties of minerals, rocks, and fluids; the structure of our mobile crust – its newly forming ocean floors and its ancient drifting continents; the history of life; and the human adaptation to earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and floods. The study of the earth is interdisciplinary, combing a knowledge of geology with a solid background in all sciences.

If you are intensely curious about the planet on which we live, challenged by problems which involve the Earth, and are intrigued by the potential of a subject which combines the best of both the arts and sciences, geology is a major you should consider.

Why Geoscience at UNLV?

Chad Crotty - Bryce Canyon, UTNevada is an amazing place to earn an undergraduate degree in Geology. Besides Nevada’s (and the region’s) amazing scenery and natural resources, UNLV’s Geoscience Department is one of the top Geoscience programs in the West.

We cooperate with numerous local, state, and federal agencies in Nevada, California, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. We also work in several nations overseas. And Las Vegas is pretty cool too!
lee climbingWithin an hour of the campus you can hike, raft, kayak, backpack, camp, attend music festivals, eat amazing food, be in 3 different states, and 2 different deserts. We are 2 hours from Death Valley National Park, 4 hours from Grand Canyon National Park, 2 hours from Zion National Park, 3 hours from Bryce Canyon National Park, 30 minutes from Lake Mead National Recreation Area, 30 minutes from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (one of the world renowned climbing areas), and 55 minutes from Valley of Fire State Park. We also have this little 3,632 m (11,918 ft) mountain next to town that has a ski area.