Dr. Brenda J. Buck’s laboratory at the University of Nevada Las Vegas is located in the Science and Engineering Building (https://www.unlv.edu/maps/seb). This laboratory is a 1852 sq ft lab currently shared with Dr. Hindle (UNLV Life Sciences). There are a total of 5 fume hoods with vacuum suction, and pressurized air outlets in the lab. One fume hood is specialized for the handling of radioactive and asbestos-containing materials. The laboratory also is equipped with a Labconco Filtered Balanced System for handling asbestos particulates safely. This lab is equipped with all standard laboratory equipment including precision balances, glass flask filtering system with vacuum, pH and EC meters, vortexes, water baths, and all small equipment needed for sample preparation and processing. The major equipment in this laboratory includes.

  • Agilent 7700X ICP-MS for analyses of almost all elements useful for environmental research
  • Vario MAX CNS Elemental Analyzer for analysis of C, N, and S.
  • Dionex ICS 2000 Ion Chromatography, especially useful for anion analyses (SO4=, NO3¯, Cl¯ and NH4+)
  • Lambda 25 Spectrometer, for colorimetrical analysis
  • Ethos D Microwave Digestion System, for sample digestion following EPA methods
  • MS 2000 Laser Particle size analyzer, for particle size analysis
  • Model 24VE Programmable Vacuum Extractor for programmed filtering with multiple (24) samples
  • AS 200 Analytical Wet Sieving Set
  • Eppendorf 5810 Centrifuge
  • TP Tools Skat-Blast sieving cabinet, all dust from dry sieving is HEPA filtered and collected outside of the lab
  • Labconco Filtered Balanced System, for safely working with hazardous particulates including asbestos
  • Computers

All major instruments are operated with specific computers and software connected to those instruments. In addition, 2 computers (Dell) are recently purchased for general laboratory use. Graduate students working in the lab have specific desks with dedicated computers and printers for their use and wireless internet. Undergraduate students have shared desks with computers/printers.

  • Safety

Safety protocols are in place for working with hazardous particulates including asbestos and erionite. The laboratory has a dedicated asbestos fumehood, and a dedicated Labconco Filtered Balanced System to work with hazardous particulates. All asbestos samples are kept in double-bagged, air-tight plastic bags and only opened and handled (weighing, microscope, etc.) inside one of these two specialized areas (fumehood/Labconco system). All personnel including PI, laboratory Manager, and students, are trained in the safe use, handling and disposal of all asbestos-containing materials. Quantities are kept at the very minimum. Disposal is handled by the UNLV Chemical Risk Management and Safety Office.