The UNLV Geoscience Computer Lab is located in the Technology Building, Rooms 112 & 113. The following resources are available:


14 DELL Computer Stations with Internet Access


Black/White Laser Jet
Color Laser Jet
Large Format Plotter – For Geoscience Department use only

Other Hardware

Flatbed Scanner
Slide Scanner
Large Format Scanner

Computer Related Help

Questions/problems related to software, hardware,
web, email, computing accounts…
IT Help Desk
(Faculty/Staff and Students)

Web Links & Information

Apply for a Faculty Web Account
Apply for a Department Web Account
Update Information on an Existing Web Account

Apply for a Computing Account
Website Publishing Instructions

Web Publishing Software

Download SSH Secure FTP (Free!)
SSH Secure FTP Quick Start Instructions
Dreamweaver 30-day Trial Download
Dreamweaver Tutorials

Graphics Links & Information

Adobe Illustrator Product Information
Illustrator 30-day Trial Download
Illustrator Tutorials
Adobe Product User Forums

GIS Data Links

USGS Seamless Data Distribution
UNR Keck Library
Virtual Clearinghouse for Nevada
Geographic Information

Links to organizations that provide geographic information and GIS coverages for the state of Nevada.

Clark County GIS Management Office (GISMO)Download various GIS datasets for Clark County, Nevada
GIS Data Depot
Geography Network

Other Resources

Google Earth: Download for Free!
Map Quest: Find Maps and Driving  Directions for any Location
USGS Geology: Resources, Hazards,  Landscape, Geologic Mapping…
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Coordinate Conversions: Find UTM or Township and Range coordinates from  Latitude and Longitude, or vice versa.  Also provides data for the specified  location such as elevation, aspect, state, county, and names of the 7.5 minute topographic maps for the area.
Reference Guide to GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)

Poster Plotter Instructions

All users must have authorization from the department.

Save your poster in Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) format, or save as a *.pdf file from Adobe Illustrator. Please do not bring your poster file in PowerPoint format (*.ppt) as this format is incompatible with the plotter and WILL NOT print properly. Likewise, files converted to *.pdf format from PowerPoint will be reduced to 8.5″ x 11″ which will cause pixilation and fuzziness when the poster is enlarged to the original dimensions for printing.

BEFORE coming to your printing appointment, please verify that the dimensions of your poster are correct. Also, view your poster at 100% to see how it will look when printed, and correct any issues with pixilation or fuzziness if necessary.

If you have to convert your poster or make any adjustments, do so BEFOREyour appointment with the Geoscience representative. Posters requiring multiple format or layout adjustments by Geoscience assistants will be billed for extra time and plotter paper use.

Invoice forms (see below) must have an approved UNLV department account number AND a valid administrative signature PRIOR to printing. No exceptions.You may also pay with cash or personal check for this service.

The available paper roll sizes for the Geoscience plotter are 36″ and 42″. We recommend designing your posters with at least a one inch margin on all sides to ensure that the entire poster will print without cutting off any edges (Example: If you choose to use the 36″ paper, make your poster 35″).

Paper finishes are flat/matte (heavy weight coated) or glossy (high gloss photo).

Extensive or dark colors cost more than sparser, lighter colors. Similarly, posters plotted on glossy paper are significantly more expensive than flat-finish posters.

As a general guideline, posters that include a number of images and graphics reproduce well on the glossy paper. Posters with few or simple graphics, or that are primarily text, will reproduce well on the flat (coated) paper, at less cost to you.

Posters take at least 30-45 minutes to print and dry completely. Formatting your document may take longer. Plan ahead to allow ample time for printing.

Please supply your own protective tube or carrier for transporting your poster once it has been printed from the plotter.

If you have read the above guidelines and are ready to print:

1. Print and fill out this form: UNLV Geoscience Plotter Invoice (.pdf)

2. Schedule your appointment as far in advance as possible. There is no guarantee that appointments scheduled last minute can be accomodated.

3. To set up an appointment to print your poster, to check the availability of desired paper widths and finishes, or to ask additional questions about using the plotter, please contact:

Geoscience Department Main Office
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-3262