Information for presenters

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If you are a student presenter at the 2018 GeoSymposium, please click here to register. If you are presenting as a group, each presenter has to register, however, only one abstract needs to be submitted for the group.

To Prepare Your Abstract:

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  • Please complete the following Abstract template:
    2018 Abstract Submission form
  • Save the Word document as:
    “LAST NAME OF 1st AUTHOR_GSP_Abstract_poster OR talk”
    (depending on which one you choose)Example:
    For a poster: Smith_GSP_Abstract_poster
  • Email your saved file to: with the subject line: “Last Name of 1st Author, Abstract 2018”

To Prepare a Poster:

  • Posters should be 36 inches high x 36 inches wide, and easily read from 6 feet away.
    • Font sizes:
      • Paragraphs and figure captions: at least 24-point font
      • Headers: at least 36-point font
  • At the top of the poster, indicate the title and authors
  • Your poster should be well-organized, professional, and self-explanatory
  • Be prepared to discuss and present your research to those who visit your poster
    • Your presentation must cover the material described in your abstract.

To Prepare an Oral Presentation:

  • Please prepare your talk using Microsoft PowerPoint and save it onto a USB thumb drive
  • You will be allotted a total of 15 minutes for your presentation, including 3 minutes for questions
  • A computer (MS Windows), computer projector, and screen will be provided for oral presentations. Slide projectors, overhead projectors and multiple screens will not be available.
  • Your presentation must cover the material described in your abstract.