Information for presenters

Please submit your abstract to by or before April 7th.

To prepare your abstract:

  • Please follow the format for abstract submission: (downloadable file here)
  • Save the document titles as “Last name of 1st author, Abstract, 2023”

When ready to submit, email the final version to: with the subject line “Last name of 1st author, Abstract 2023”.

To prepare a poster:

  • Posters can be a maximum of 36”x36” and should be easily read from 6 feet
  • Recommendations for font sizes:
    Paragraphs: at least 24 point; Headers: at least 36 point
  • Every poster should have a title and author list with affiliations at the top. Posters should be well-organized, professional, and self-explanatory. Your presentation must cover the material described in your

To prepare an oral presentation:

Please prepare your talk using Microsoft PowerPoint. You are allotted a total of 15 minutes. This time frame includes 12 minutes for presenting and 3 minutes for questions. Time limits are strictly enforced to not take away from other presenters. Your presentation must cover the material described in your abstract.

Research Proposals:

Please prepare a one-page single-spaced research proposal, separate budget sheet and CV, and submit the following Google form:

Visitor parking:

Visitor parking has been arranged for the 5th and 6th floors of the Cottage Grove Parking Lot (right across from SEB).