About Us

The NIGL has been operational since 1999. The laboratory contains a MAP 215-50 rare gas mass spectrometer, a high vacuum extraction line, CO2 laser and a double resistance furnace used to perform 40Ar/39Ar dating, a variant of K/Ar dating. Our clients comprise faculty and graduate students both from within UNLV, from other universities, as well as those from mining companies and state and national geologic surveys.

Kathleen Zanetti has worked in the Geoscience Department as a Laboratory Manager for NIGL since its inception. As the Laboratory Manager, Kathy is responsible for all daily operations of the laboratory. Her responsibilities include maintenance and repairs on all laboratory equipment, mineral separations, performing sample analyses, instructing students and faculty how to analyze their samples and interpret their data. Kathy oversees safety procedures and instruction to any user of the laboratory for handling radioactive material, CO2 laser safety and hazardous material safety, which allows students and faculty to work in a safe environment. She is also the controller for the laboratories recharge center, including invoicing clients, updating accounts receivable and purchasing, and managing the budget.

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