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Associate Professor – Graduate coordinator – Website coordinator

Planetary Science, Igneous Petrology, Martian geology, Enstatite-rich meteorites, Meteorites

Office: LFG 204A
Telephone: (702) 895-1239
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What to do if you think you’ve found a meteorite?


Ph.D. University of Tennessee, USA (2014)
M.S. University of Lausanne, Switzerland (2010)
B.S. University of Lausanne, Switzerland (2008)

Research interests:

Dr Udry’s research focus is planetary igneous petrology, including martian petrology. She is particularly interested in understanding martian magmatic processes using meteorites and surface rock compositions. Dr. Udry’s research program seeks to better constrain the interior composition, magmatic processes, and general evolution of the planet Mars through meteorite and rover data analyses. These martian studies include comprehensive petrological analyses of martian samples to mimic the scale of terrestrial geological studies. Her group also analyzes martian rover data to understand the formation of rare martian rocks with felsic compositions. In addition to martian igneous rocks, Dr. Udry’s group studies the asteroidal enstatite-rich meteorites, including aubrites and enstatite chondrites, which are geochemical analogs to Mercury, to better constrain elemental partitioning at highly reduced conditions. Dr. Udry uses a variety of classic petrological tools such as microscopy as well as electron and ion microprobe analyses, Laser Ablation ICP-MS, and thermodynamical modeling.

Selected Publications (*advisees):

Ostwald A.*, Udry A., Payre V., Gazel E., and Wu P. (2022)  The role of assimilation and fractional crystallization in the evolution of the Mars crust. Earth And Planetary Science Letters,

Wiens R. C., Udry A., et al. (2022) Compositionally and density stratified igneous terrain in Jezero crater, Mars, Science Advances 8, eabo3399.

Udry, A., Howarth, G. H., Herd, C., Day, J. M. D., Lapen, T. J., & Filiberto, J. (2020). What martian meteorites reveal about the interior and surface of Mars. Journal of Geophysical : Planets, 55. 

Rahib R. R.*, Udry A., Howarth G. H., Gross J., Paquet M., Combs L. M.*, Laczniak D. L.*, and Day J. M. D. (2019) Mantle source to near-surface emplacement of enriched and intermediate poikilitic shergottites in Mars Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,

Udry A. and Day J. M. D. (2018) 1.34 billion-year-old magmatism on Mars evaluated from the co-genetic nakhlite and chassignite meteorites. Journal of Geophysical Research, 238, 292–315.

Courses taught

GEOL 101: Introductory Geology: Exploring Planet Earth
GEOL 427-627: Igneous and metamorphic Petrology
GEOL 470-670: Planetary Geology
GEOL 796: Planetary Science Seminar