img_3101-copyArya Udry

Assistant Professor – Website coordinator

Planetary Science, Igneous Petrology, Martian geology, Meteorites

LFG 204A
Telephone: (702) 895-1239
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What to do if you think you’ve found a meteorite?


Ph.D. University of Tennessee, USA (2014)
M.S. University of Lausanne, Switzerland (2010)
B.S. University of Lausanne, Switzerland (2008)

Research interests:

Dr Udry’s research focus is martian and terrestrial igneous petrology. She is particularly interested in understanding martian magmatic processes using meteorites and surface rock compositions. Her projects include investigation of ancient martian magmatic water degassing using in situ light lithophile elements and isotope analyses, thermodynamical modeling of magmatic evolution, and petrology of martian meteorites. Dr Udry uses a variety of classic petrological tools such as microscopy as well as electron and ion microprobe analyses.

Selected Publications:

Udry A., McSween H. Y. Jr., Hervig R. L., and Taylor L. A. (2014) Lithium isotopes and light lithophile element abundances in shergottites: Evidence for martian magmatic water. Meteoritics & Planetary Sciences, Submitted.

Balta J. B., Sanborn M. E., Udry A., Wadhwa M., and McSween H. Y. Jr. (2014) Petrology and trace-element geochemistry of Tissint, the newest shergottite fall. Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences, In Press.

Udry A., Lunning N. G., McSween H. Y. Jr., and Bodnar R. J. (2014) Petrogenesis of an impact melt clast in the martian meteorite breccia NWA 7034. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 141, 281-293.

Udry A., Balta J. B., and McSween H. Y. Jr. (2014) Exploring fractionation models for martian magmas. Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, 119, doi:10.1002/2013JE004445.

Udry A., McSween H. Y. Jr., Leccumberi-Sanchez P., and Bodnar R. J. (2012) Paired nakhlites MIL 090030, 090032, 090136, and 03346: Insights into the Miller Range parent meteorite. Meteoritics & Planetary Sciences 47, 10, 1575-1589.

Courses taught

GEOL 101: Introductory Geology: Exploring Planet Earth
GEOL 427-627: Igneous and metamorphic Petrology