harnold_zoe-7-copieZoe Harrold

Post-doctoral researcher


Office: SEB 4250
Phone: (702)-895 1421
Email: adcockc2@unlv.nevada.edu


B.S., Environmental Science, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Research Interests:

I am a geomicrobiologist and low-temperature aqueous geochemist. My research interests include investigating microbe-mineral interactions and their affect on system geochemistry and microbial growth. My work has included modeling the thermodynamics of geochemical and biogeochemical processes occurring in microbe-water-rock systems, including microbe-metal surface adsorption and biogeochemical sulfur, iron and nitrogen cycling. I am currently investigating snow algae-microbe-mineral interactions and their role in supporting snow algae bloom formation.


Harrold, Z. R., Skidmore, M.L., Hamilton, T.L., Amada, K, Roden, E.E., and Boyd, E.S. (Submitted) Aerobic and Anaerobic Thiosulfate Oxidation by a Cold-Adapted Chemoautotroph. Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Harrold, Z. R. and Gorman-Lewis, D., (2013) Thermodynamic analysis of Bacillus subtilis endospore protonation using isothermal titration calorimetry, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 109, 296-3

Gorman-Lewis, D., Jensen, M. P., Harrold, Z. R., and Hertel, M. R., (2013) Complexation of neptunium(V) with Bacillus subtilis endospore surfaces and their exudates. Chemical Geology 341, 75-83.

Harrold, Z. R., Hertel, M. R., and Gorman-Lewis, D., (2011) Optimizing Bacillus subtilis spore isolation and quantifying spore harvest purity. J. of Microbiol. Methods 87, 325-329.