A71B3FC1-1092-47D9-8FFA-582B95249787Andrew Martin

Assistant Professor

Economic Geology, Geochemistry

Office: LFG 206
Email: andrew.martin@unlv.edu
Telephone: (702) 895-4612

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PhD. Cardiff University, UK (2019)
MSc. Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK (2015)
BSc. (Hons) University of Brighton, UK (2014)

Research Interests:

My research focuses on using geochemistry and sulfur isotopes (δ34S) to understand the formation of hydrothermal mineral deposits. I apply observations made at the scale of individual mineral grains to understand temporal variations in the source of metals, and changes in the chemical and physical composition of mineralizing fluids during mineral deposit formation. I couple these mineral-scale observations with more traditional bulk-rock geochemical analysis, alteration mineralogy and reflected/transmitted petrography to understand the processes that form economically viable ore deposits. I have experience working with volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits and their modern analogues seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) deposits.

If you are interested in collaborating or are interested in student projects, please get in touch.

Recent publications:

Martin A.J., Jamieson J.W., de Ronde C.E.J., Humphris S.E., Roberts S., MacLeod C.J., Cai Y., Zhang            C., Schlict E.M., Nozaki T., 2022. Hydrothermal alteration within the Brothers submarine arc volcano, Kermadec arc, New Zealand. Economic Geology. doi:             https://doi.org/10.5382/econgeo.4962

Martin A.J., McDonald I., Jamieson J.W., Jenkin G.R.T., McFall K.A., Piercey G., MacLeod C.J., Layne         G.D., 2021a. Mineral-scale variation in the trace metal and sulfur isotope composition of    pyrite: Implications for metal and sulfur sources in mafic VMS deposits. Mineralium Deposita.

Martin, A.J., McDonald, I., Jenkin, G.R.T., McFall, K.A., Boyce, A.J., Jamieson, J.W., MacLeod, C.J.,            2021b. A missing link between ancient and active mafic-hosted seafloor hydrothermal systems –     Magmatic volatile influx in the exceptionally preserved Mala VMS deposit, Troodos, Cyprus.             Chemical Geology 567, 120127.

Martin, A.J., McDonald, I., McFall, K.A., MacLeod, C.J., Prichard, H.M., 2020a. Low-temperature      silica-rich gold mineralization in mafic VMS systems: evidence from the Troodos ophiolite,     Cyprus. Mineralium Deposita 56, 805–822.

Martin, A.J., Keith, M., Parvaz, D.B., McDonald, I., Boyce, A.J., McFall, K.A., Jenkin, G.R.T., Strauss,           H., MacLeod, C.J., 2020b. Effects of magmatic volatile influx in mafic VMS hydrothermal        systems: evidence from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus. Chemical Geology 531, 119325.