Konrad1inchKevin Konrad

Assistant Professor – Undergraduate Coordinator
Director of the Nevada Isotope Geochronology Laboratory

Office: SEB 4129
Phone: (702) 895-3696
Email: Kevin.Konrad@unlv.edu

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Ph.D., Oregon State University 2017
M.S., Oregon State University 2012
B.S., City University of New York – Queens College 2010

Research Interests:

Kevin’s research is focused on using 40Ar/39Ar geochronology to address a diverse suite of scientific questions. Currently, Kevin is working on the following topics:

(1) Unraveling the geodynamic origin of the Line Islands Volcanic Lineament and the Mid-Pacific Mountains. This work is being completed through a combination of 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, isotope geochemistry and Pacific plate motion modeling.

(2) Geologic mapping of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monuments using submarine ROV footage and recovered geologic samples. This project focuses on interpreting the history and origin of volcanic and authigenic sedimentary rocks within the Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Palmyra Atoll and Jarvis Island national monuments.

(3) Investigating the origin of Miocene to Pleistocene primitive basaltic volcanism in the NW Basin and Range region of Northern Nevada, Northeast California and Southern Oregon. This research focuses on obtaining 40Ar/39Ar age determinations, major and trace element concentrations as well as rare gas and lithophile isotopic constraints on high-aluminum olivine tholeiites to test geodynamic models of the region.

*Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in pursuing M.S., Ph.D., or postdoctoral research on 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, marine geology, intraplate volcanism or any other topic of interest.

Recent Publications:

Buff, L., Jackson, MG., Konrad, K., Konter, JG., Bizimis, M., Price, A., Rose-Koga, E., Blusztajn, J., Koppers, AAP. (In Press– Geology) “Missing Links” for the Long-Lived Macdonald and Arago Hotspots, South Pacific Ocean.

Auscavitch, S., Pockalny, R., Konrad, K., Humphreys, J., Clark, T. B., Heffron, E., & Fundis, A. (2020). Deepwater Exploration of Kingman Reef, Palmyra Atoll, and Jarvis Island Geological and Biolgocial Discoveries from the US Line Islands. Oceanography, 33(1), 38-39.

Konrad, K., Koppers, AAP., Balbas, AM. Miggins, and D., Heaton, D. (2019) Dating clinopyroxene phenocrysts in submarine basalts using 40Ar/39Ar geochronology. Geochemisry, Geophysics, Geosystems. 20(2), 1041-1053

Finlayson, VA., Konter, JG., Konrad, K., Koppers, AAP, Jackson MG., Rooney TO. (2018). Sr-Pb-Nd-Hf isotopes and 40Ar/39Ar ages reveal a Hawaii-Emperor style bend in the Rurutu hotspot. Earth and Planteray Science Letters. 500, 168-179

Konrad, K., Graham, DW., Kent, AJ., and Koppers, AAP. (2018). Spatial and temporal variability in Marquesas Islands volcanism revealed by 3He/4He and the composition of olivine-hosted melt inclusions. Chemical Geology. 477. 161-176

Balbas, A., Koppers, A., Coe, R., Clark, P., Reilly, B., Stoner, J., and Konrad, K. (2018). Millennial-Scale Instability in the Geomagnetic Field Prior to the Matuyama-Brunhes Reveresal. Geochemisry, Geophysics, Geosystems. DOI: 10.1002/2017GC007404

Konrad, K., Koppers, AAP., Steinberger, B., Finlayson, VA., Konter, JG., and Jackson, MG. (2018). On the relative motions of long-lived Pacific mantle plumes. Nature communications, 9(1), 854.