If you wish to present at GeoSymposium 2017, please make sure you register first

To prepare your abstract:website_info_presenters

Please follow the format for abstract submission: (2017-Abstract-Submission-form)
– Save the document titles as “LAST NAME OF 1st AUTHOR_GSP_Abstract_Poster or talk” depending on which type of presentation you choose.


For a poster: Smith_GSP_Abstract_poster.docx
For a talk: Smith_GSP_Abstract_talk.docx

When ready to submit, email the final version to: Geosymposiumabstracts@gmail.com with the subject line “Last name of 1st author, Abstract 2017”

To prepare a poster:

Posters can be a maximum of 36”x36” and should be easily read from 6 feet away.

Recommendations for font sizes:
Paragraphs: at least 24 point
Headers: at least 36 point

Every poster should have a title and author list with affiliations at the top. Posters should be well-organized, professional and self-explanatory. Be prepared to discuss and present your research to anyone who visits your poster. Your presentation must cover the material described in your abstract.

To prepare an oral presentation:

Please prepare your talk using Microsoft PowerPoint and save it onto a USB thumb drive. You  are allotted a total of 15 minutes. This time frame includes a 3 minute question period. Time limits are strictly enforced to not take away from other presenters. A computer equipped with Windows, projector and screen will be provided for oral presentations. Slide projectors, overhead projectors and multiple screens will not be available. Your presentation must cover the material described in your abstract.