• 2021

PDF     Turner, Elijah. Prograde Metamorphism and Upper-Crustal Cooling in the Northern Panamint Range, California: New Insights Into The Jurassic And Mid-Cretaceous Evolution of the Southern Sevier Fold-Thrust Belt. February 2021. (Dr. Wells).

  • 2020

PDF     Three-Dimensional (3D) Characterization of the Middle Ordovician (Darriwilian) Strata in the Southern Great Basin, Western United States, Uday Mohamed Baheej Kara Ali. August 2020 (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

PDF     Experimental Polycrystal Stress Mapping Using Raman Spectroscopy, Genevieve C. Kidman. August 2020 (Advisor: Dr. Burnley)

PDF     Paleoecology of Columbian and Pygmy Mammoths in Southern Nevada and California: How Terminal Pleistocene Ecosystems Shaped Mammoths at the Individual, Population, and Community Level, Lauren Elizabeth Parry. May 2020 (Advisor: Dr. Rowland)

PDF     Infiltration into Water-Repellent Sand: The Role of Sorptivity, Rose Marie Shillito. May 2020 (Advisor: Dr. Berli)

  • 2019

PDF     Petrogenesis of Unusual Occurrence of Amphibole Asbestos in Mohave County, Arizona and Clark County, Nevada, Tomoyo Austin. May 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Metcalf)

PDF     Early Contractional History of the Funeral Mountains and its Influence on the Formation of the Funeral Mountains Metamorphic Core Complex, Death Valley, CA, Taylor Douglas Craig. May 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Wells)

PDF     Petrogenesis of the El Rechuelos Rhyolite, Jemez Mountains Volcanic Field, New Mexico, USA, Kelsy Jo Konkright. May 20219 (Advisor: Dr. Spell)

PDF     Moisture Dynamics of a Near-Surface Desert Soil, Yuan Luo. December 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Berli)

PDF     Potential Fossil Yield Classification (PFYC) Survey of Nevada Surficial Geology, and a Multi-Sensor, Remote Sensing, Change-Detection Study of Land-Use/Land-Cover Urbanization Impacting the Las Vegas Formation Located in Northwestern Las Vegas Valley, John Jayson Medema. May 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Rowland)

PDF     Utility of Bench Scale Sand Tank Experiments at Assessing Permeable Reactive Barrier Design, Brandon Meier. December 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Nicholl)

PDF     Examination of Maskelynite through Static Recompression and Dynamic Compression, Justin James Reppart. December 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Tschauner)

PDF     Assessing Simulated Transmissivity in Numerical Flow Models of Complex Hydrogeology, Afan Tarar. May 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

  • 2018

Baker, Jonathan. Carbon isotopic fractionation across a late Cambrian carbonate platform: A regional response to the spice event as recorded in the Great Basin, United States. May 2018. (Dr. Lachniet)

Combs, Logan. Petrology and geochemistry of the enriched poikilitic shergottite Northwest Africa 10169: Insight into the Martian interior. May 2018. (Advisor: Dr. Udry)

Gedo, Sarah. Testing a method for estimating the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of moderately dry soils. May 2018.  (Advisor: Dr. Nicholl)

Evans, Michael. Structural evolution and regional implications of the arrowhead Mine fault within the Pahranagat shear zone, Nevada, USA. May 2018. (Advisor: Dr. Taylor)

Peck, Alexander. Miocene-Quarternary Deformation along the Central Maynard Lake Fault, Pahranagat Shear Zone, Nevada. May 2018.  (Advisor: Dr. Taylor)

Regis, Nolan. A Novel Approach to Analyzing Strain Heterogeneity in Polycrystalline Quartz Specimens Deformed at High Pressure and Temperature. (Advisor: Dr. Burnley)

Ralston, Stephanie J. Dissolution of allophane, Fe-allophane, and hisingerite with implications for Gale Crater, Mars. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

  • 2017

Price, Thomas. Miocene-Pliocene (?) Folds, Normal Faults and the Left-Lateral Buckhorn Fault with Regional Implications, Pahranagat Shear Zone, Nevada. December 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Taylor)

Rowland, Richard L., II.  Phase Equilibria, Compressibility, and Thermal Analysis of Bastnaesite-(La). December 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Burnley)

Jensen, Zachary. Behavioral Paleoecology of Lower Cambrian Deposit Foragers: Reinterpreting Looping and Meandering Traces using Optimal Foraging Theory and Quantitative Analysis. April 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Rowland)

Hess, Lee T. Late Cretaceous Extensional Collapse of the Southern Cordillera: Evidence From the Bristol and Granite Mountains, SE California. 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Wells)

Maharjan, Dev. Environmental Change Across the Early Mississippian Positive Carbon Isotope Excursion. 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Valentine, Alexander. Investigation of a high nickel anomaly in olivine from the island of Niihau, Hawaii. April 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Huang)

  • 2016

Bartlett, Courtney. Phosphate release: The effect of prebiotic organic compounds on dissolution rates of merrillite, whitlockite, chlorapatite, and fluorapatite. December 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

Beshears, Matthew. Characterizing the Earliest Stages of Partial Melting: A Study of the Pyrometamorphic Aureole of Miocene Mt. Perkins Pluton, Northwest Arizona. 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Metcalf)

Feng, Yuzhen. Estimation and Comparison of Thermoelectric and PV Solar Water Usage In The Colorado River Basin States. November 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Acharya)

Evans, Sarah. (U-Th)/He Studies of the Southern Snake Range Metamorphic Core Complex, NV and Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, CO, USA. May 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Gentry, Amanda. Patterns of Synorogenic Sedimentation Associated with the Unroofing of the Willard-Paris-Meade Thrust Sheets, Sevier Fold-Thrust Belt. 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Wells)

Jayakody, Jeevan. Effects of Hydraulic Connections on Unsaturated Flow in Dual-Permeability Media. 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Nicholl)

Joseph, William. Characterizing Crystal Populations for the Petrogenesis of the Post-Collapse Rhyolites in the Long Valley Caldera, CA. November 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Spell)

Koonce, Jeremy. Water Balance and Moisture Dynamics of an Arid and Semi-Arid Soil: A Weighing Lysimeter and Field Study. January 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

Muhammad, Mahmud. Structural Evolution of the Maynard Lake Fault within the Left-Lateral Pahranagat Shear Zone, Nevada, USA. August 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Taylor)

Ness, Richard. Assessing a Potential Paleothermal Anomaly near a Salt Wall using (U-Th)/He Thermochronology and a Silica Cementation Analysis Onion Creek, Utah. November 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Padmore, Penelope. Canovas Canyon Rhyolites, Jemez Volcanic Field, New Mexico: Discrete source magmas, or potential caldera forming magma system? November 2016. (Advisor: Dr. Spell)

Jensen, Zachary. Behavioral Paleoecology of Lower Cambrian Deposit Foragers: Reinterpreting Looping and Meandering Traces using Optimal Foraging Theory and Quantitative Analysis. April 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Rowland)

Valentine, Alexander. Investigation of a high nickel anomaly in olivine from the island of Niihau, Hawaii. April 2017. (Advisor: Dr. Huang)

  • 2015

Abdelhaleem, Shaimaa. August 2015. Kinematics and timing of the miocene-quaternary deformation in Nellis Dunes Recreational Area. (Advisor: Dr. Taylor).

Ball, Taylor A. Rewetting of artificially desiccated soils: Effect of gravity on vapor-phase diffusion. December 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Nicholl)

Bain, Wyatt M. Testing established models of hydrothermal fluid distribution around porphyry deposits: The application of fluid inclusion research to porphyry deposit exploration. December 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Cline)

Ciravolo, Amber. Glass shards in Pinnacle Point Rock Shelter 5-6, South Africa: Are they from the last super-eruption of Toba? December 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Smith)

Ego, Hilary. Farmer response to drought: A review of global arid and semi-arid case studies. (Advisor: Dr. Piechota)

Francis, Nichole. Bringing safe drinking water to Africa: A comparative study of water treatment technologies for communities within the Sahel. (Advisor: Dr. Ahmad)

Hardy, Fabian C. Stable Isotope Analysis of Bison latifrons and Paleoecological Inferences. August 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Rowland)

Marsac, Kara. Modeling background radiation using geochemical data. May 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Burnley)

Newton, Melanie N. Characterization of gold and related mineralization at the North Bullion Carlin system, Railroad Project, a Nevada Carlin-type gold prospect. December 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Cline)

Gainey, Seth R. An investigation into transitions in clay mineral chemistry on mars. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

Steiner, Michael H. Dissolution of nontronite in low water activity brines and implications for the aqueous history of Mars. December 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

Williams, Patricia S. Carbon isotope variations associated with a middle ordovician karstic unconformity. May 2015. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

  • 2014

Adcock, Christopher T. Mars-Relevant Phosphate Minerals and Implications for Martian Habitability August 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

Cline, Christopher J. II. The effect of single crystal elastic and plastic anisotropy on stress and strain heterogeneity: comparison of olivine to other common minerals. May 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Burnley)

Eleogram, Bryan R. The application of zircon (U-Th)/he thermochronology to determine the timing and slip rate on the Willard thrust, Sevier fold and thrust belt, northern Utah. May 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Wells)

Fischer, William T. Ore classification and breccia formation in the 144 Zone gold deposit: A chemical replacement model, Bare Mountain range, Nevada. December 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Cline)

Flagg, Ember M. Ore characterization of the Estelle Property in the South-Central Alaska Range. May 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Cline)

Freudenberger, Frederick. Geomorphic controls on fibrous amphiboles, Clark County, Nevada, USA. August 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Buck)

Johnsen, Racheal L. Subalkaline volcanism in the eastern Basin and Range Province: Examples from the miocene Mccullough Range volcanic field and the Pliocene to Holocene Black Rock Desert volcanic field. December 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Smith)

Kryder, Levi. Using seismic reflection to locate a tracer testing complex south of Yucca Mountain, Nye County, Nevada. (Advisor: Dr. Luke)

Lacy, Alison C. Upper Narrows, Raft River Mountains, northwestern Utah: Tectonic implications of pressure-temperature-time-deformation paths. May 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Wells)

Meazell, Patrick K. II. Porphyry copper exploration of the Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County, Arizona, USA: A multi-faceted approach. August 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Cline)

Perry, Brett. Thermal impacts of salt on sandstones and mudstones in the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal. December 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Reynoso, Dawn E. New early Miocene 40Ar/39Ar ages for Nakwai, northwest Kenya, Africa, and paleontological analysis of Meroëhyrax kyongoi dentition. December 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Spell)

Ruhmann, Emma. Survivorship, growth, and settlement of Dreissena Rostriformis Bugensis veligers in low and high calcium waters. (Advisors: Dr. Acharya, Dr. Nicholl)

Sahoo, Swapan K. Ediacaran ocean redox evolution. December 2014. (Advisor: Jiang)

Taranik, Nikolas. Estimating Aquifer Characteristics and Identification of a Sub-basin for Artificial Storage and Recovery, Northeastern Ivanpah Valley, Nevada. December 2014. (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

Wei, Xialou. Understanding selenium distribution in Lake Mead using a three-dimensional hydrodynamic based water quality model. (Advisors: Dr. Acharya, Dr. Yu)

  • 2013

Giallorenzo, Michael A. Application of (U-Th)/He and 40Ar/39 Ar thermochronology to the age of thrust faulting in the Sevier orogenic belt. December 2013. (Advisor: Dr. Wells)

Russo, Angela G. Pennsylvanian to cretaceous folds and thrusts in south-central nevada: evidence from the timpahute range. December 2013. (Advisor: Dr. Taylor)

Stoller, Heather M. Ichnology and paleoecology of the jurassic aztec sandstone. December 2013 . (Advisor: Dr. Rowland)

Thaw, Melissa. Understanding basin specific life history characteristics of Lake Mead quagga mussels (Dreissena Bugensis) and a potential treatment using UV radiation laboratory studies. (Advisors: Dr. Acharya, Dr. Nicholl)

Tu, Valerie M. Dissolution rates of amorphous Al- and Fe-phosphates and their relevance to phosphate mobility on Mars. May 2013. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

  • 2012

Adhikari, Achyut. Natural and constructed wetlands for ecosystem and engineering services in the arid and semi-arid regions. May 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

Aguila, Yuki Yunika. Burial and exhumation history of Mississippia strata in east-central Nevada. May 2012. (Advosor: Dr. Hanson)

Armstrong, T. Jordan. Deciphering the evolution of ore fluids at the Batu Hijau copper-gold porphyry deposit, Sumbawa, Indonesia. May 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Cline)

Asante, Joseph. Evaluating recharge and dynamics of flow in the Lower Virgin River Basin, USA: Interpretation of hydrochemical and stable isotopic data. (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

Baumeister, L. Julie. Chemical weathering of the mafic minerals serpentine and olivine in natural environments. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

Bonde, Joshua W. From the foreland to the hinterland: Taphonomy across the Cretaceous to Paleogene Sevier retroarc region of Nevada. May 2012. (Adviosor: Dr. Rowland)

Bunk, Daniel. Changing demands from riparian ET and free water evaporation in the lower Colorado River Basin under different climate scenarios. (Advisor: Dr. Piechota)

Carter, A. Jonathan. Paleoseismic study of the Stewart valley and northern Pahrump segments of the Stateline fault system, Nevada. August 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Taylor)

Clark, Lindsey R. Ore and gangue mineral paragenesis of the Cortez Hills Carlin-type gold deposit, Nevada: Evidence for coincident high-grade gold deposition and collapse brecciation. December 2012. (Adviosor: Dr. Cline)

Downs, M. Nicholas. The effects of salt diaprs on the thermal maturity of surrounding sediments in the western Pyrenees, Spain. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Eaton, M. Laura. Determining the significance and sense of offset of the Frenchman Mountain Fault Las Vegas, Nevada: a paired basin analysis and structural analysis. August 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Eichler, M. Carla. Petrogenesis of the East Fork Member rhyolites, Valles Caldera, New Mexico USA. December 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Spell)

Emery, A. Christina. Volcanic evolution of the southern Quinn Canyon Range: Implications for regional correlation of volcanic units. December 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Smith)

Honn, K. Denise. Petrogenesis of the linked River Mountains volcanic section and Wilson Ridge pluton. August 2012. (Adviosor: Dr. Smith)

Krautstrunk, L. Melanie. An estimate of groundwater recharge in the Nabogo River Basin, Ghana using water table fluctuation method and chloride mass balance. December 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

Muntean, Williams T. Muddy Creek Formation: A record of Late Neogene tectonics and sedimentation in Southern Nevada. May 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Myers, Brittany R. The impact of creosote bush (Larrea tridentate) and biological soil crust on calcium distribution in arid soils of the Mojave Desert. December 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Hausrath)

Pakzadeh, Behrooz. Evaluation of artificial neural network and ARIMA modeling in forecasting inflow to Lake Powell. (Advisor: Dr. Abella)

Pribyl, E. Paul. 2000 year moisture source record from a central Nevada speleothem. December 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Lachniet)

Schwaebe, Lynn. Spawning, veliger growth, and desiccation of Dreissena Bugensis. (Advisors: Dr. Acharya, Dr. Nicholl)

Stropky, R. Michelle. The behavior of zircon during partial melting in anatectic migmatites: Insights to metamorphism, deformation and tectonism in the central Santa Fe Range, northern New Mexico. May 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Metcalf)

Swenberg, Carl T. The fluvial Muddy Creek Formation near Overton, Nevada. May 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Taufani, Leon. Detrital carbonates in a sequence stratigraphic framework: An example from the Furongian Slope environtment in the hot creek range of central Nevada. December 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Yurchenko, Inessa. Evaluation of possible source rocks in northern Nye County, Nevada: Implications for hydrocarbon exploration. August 2012. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

  • 2011

Acharya, Anil. Impacts of climate change and weather modification on hydrologic characteristics of watersheds in the western United States. May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Piechota)

Ahdyar, LaOde. Molecular organic geochemistry of the oil and source rocks in Railroad Valley, eastern Great Basin, Nevada, United States. May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Beyene, Mengesha A. Mesozoic burial, Mesozoic and Cenozoic exhumation of the Funeral Mountains core complex, Death Valley, Southeastern California. May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Wells)

Drue, Gregory D. Microstructural characterization of kinked germanate olivine grains. December 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Burnley)

Griffing, Corinne Y. Pleistocene climate in Alaska from stable isotopes in an ice wedge. May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Lachniet)

Henry, Robert A. Paired positive carbonate carbon isotope, organic carbon isotope, and oxygen isotope composition study across the Lower Mississippian positive carbon isotope excursion, southeastern Nevada, USA. December 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Meyers, Vicki L. Vertebrate taxonomic composition, species diversity, and paleoecology of two Pliocene mid-latitude, inland-basin fossil assemblages: Panaca local fauna (Lincoln County, Nevada) and Hagerman local fauna (Twin Falls County, Idaho). May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Rowland)

Robertson, Kelly L. Magma chamber processes at Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia. December 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Simon)

Widiarti, Ratna. Lateral variability of facies and cycles in the Furongian (late Cambrian) carbonate platform: an example from the Big Horse Member of the Orr Formation in western Utah, U.S.A. May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Widiarti, Ratna. Lateral variability of facies and cycles in the Furongian (late Cambrian) carbonate platform: an example from the Big Horse Member of the Orr Formation in western Utah, U.S.A. May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Williams, Amanda J. Co-development of biological soil crusts, soil-geomorphology, and landscape biogeochemistry in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, U.S.A. – Implications for ecological management. May 2011. (Advisor: Dr. Buck)

  • 2010

Aillaud, Brian J. Using fluid inclusions to trace formative fluid evolution at the Verde and Pancho porphyry gold deposits of the Refugio District, Chile. May 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Simon)

Baker, Jonathan L. Carbon isotopic fractionation across a late Cambrian carbonate platform: A regional response to the spice event as recorded in the Great Basin, United States. December 2010. (Dr. Jiang)

Bell, Aaron S. An experimental investigation of chemical mass transfer processes in crystallizing, hydrous silicate magmas: The genesis of ore deposits and metasomatic fluids. May 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Simon)

Bird, Brian. Temporal and spatial assessment of evaporation, transpiration, and soil moisture redistribution. (Advisor: Dr. Devitt)

Dano, Eric L. Identification of geochemical facies through major ion data and additional parameters from shallow groundwater utilizing a comparison of geomathematics and traditional methods in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. August 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

Eck, Nathan C. The effects of contact metamorphism on the host rocks for Carlin-type mineralization at the Getchell deposit, Nevada, USA. August 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Simon)

Howley, Robyn A. Sequence and chemostratigraphy of the middle Cambrian succession in Nevada and Utah. December 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Kasimtseva, Nataliya. Removal of arsenic and strontium from aqueous solution using iron oxide coated zeolitized Tuff. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Link, Carolyn. Filtration and growth rate of Lake Mead quagga mussels (Dreissena bugensis) in laboratory studies and analyses of bioconcentration. (Advisors: Dr. Acharya, Dr. Papelis)

Lodhi, Amina R. Detention basins for phosphorus and sediment control in Clark County, Nevada. December 2010. (Dr. Yu)

Rager, Audrey H. The interaction of rock and water during shock decompression: A hybrid model for fluidized ejecta formation. December 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Smith)

Rathmalsinghe Rajakaruna Jayakodilage, Jeevan. Characterization of unsaturated flow in dual-porosity granular media. December 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Nicholl)

Robins, Colin R. Phyllosilicate mineralogy, argon-40/argon-39 geochronology, and genesis of petrocalcic soils in the southwest U.S.A. May 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Buck)

Siebenaler, Samuel A. Late Paleozoic deformation in the Osgood Mountains and Dry Hills, northern Nevada. December 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Taylor)

Tibbetts, Ashley K. Petrogenesis of the Greenwater Range: Comparison to the crater flat volcanic field and implications for hazard assessment. May 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Smith)

Wooton, Kathleen M. Age and petrogenesis of the Roaring Mountain rhyolites, Yellowstone Volcanic Field, Wyoming. December 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Spell)

Zeiza, Adam D. Tectonically controlled autocyclicity in the Furongian (late Cambrian) carbonate platform, central Nevada and western Utah, USA. December 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Zhang, Ligiong. Rare earth element transport in the Yucca Mountain Region. December 2010. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

  • 2009

Druschke, Peter A. The sheep pass formation, a record of late cretaceous and paleogene extension within the Sevier hinterland, East-Central Nevada. May 2009. (Advisor: Dr. Hanson)

Forrester, Steven W. Provenance of the Miocene-Pliocene Muddy Creek Formation near Mesquite, Nevada. December 2009. (Advisor: Dr. Simon)

Giovine, Luke. A comparative analysis on the cultural demise of Native American Indians and the Spanish colonial government due to the lack of water management in the arid southwest. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Goreham, John. Bending of woody riparian vegetation as a function of hydraulic flow conditions. (Advisors: Dr. Stone, Dr. Yu)

Kosmidis, Apostolos P. Sequence and chemostratigraphic study across the basal Eureka Quartzite unconformity in the Great Basin, Nevada: Implications for the origin of the Late Ordovician carbon isotope excursion. August 2009. (Advisor: Dr. Jiang)

Magill, Meghan T. Geoelectrical response of surfactant solutions in a quartzitic sand analog aquifer. December 2009. (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

Maglio, Steven J. In situ element quantification in the hydrothermal diamond anvil cell using synchrotron X-ray fluorescence with applications toward subduction zone processes. December 2009. (Advisor: Dr. Simon)

Miller, Aaron. Water quality changes in a constructed wetland at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, NV. (Advisor: Dr. Gerstenberger)

Nie, Wenming. Effects of plant uptake and micro-topography on chloride transport in arid soils. December 2009. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

Pan, Feng. Uncertainty, sensitivity and geostatistical studies of flow and contaminant transport in heterogeneous unsaturated zone. May 2009. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

Zimmerman, John. Improving sample collection methodology for soil vapor and soil contaminated with volatile organic compounds. (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

  • 2008

Brandt, Amanda. Modeling the unsaturated zone at the Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Site: Effects of climate change and vegetation on flow conditions. (Advisors: Dr. Young, Dr. Kreamer)

Franky, Charlotte. An evaluation of model robustness: The system dynamics-based Gila/San Francisco River Basin decision support. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Lockett, Anne. Quantifying the impact of reuse water on the soil and turf grass quality of golf courses. (Advisor: Dr. Devitt)

Pompeo, Jeffrie. Surface water interaction with the flood plain in the lower Virgin River Clark County, Nevada. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

Shibeshi, Tesfaye. Preparation of iron oxide coated zeolitized tuffs for anion and cation sorption. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Turkett, Warren. Evaluation of multi-probe environmental monitoring equipment with interagency cooperative sampling events in Lake Mead. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Williams, Alan. The effect of erosion control structures on the distribution of selected nutrients and metals in the sediments of the Salt River, Arizona. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

  • 2007

Baron, Alexander. Interaction of surface and subsurface hydrological processes in the Lower Virgin Valley. (Advisors: Dr. Yu, Dr. Zhu)

Boettcher, Tracy. The effect of erosion control structures on the distribution of selected nutrients and metals in the sediments of the Las Vegas Wash. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Dodds, Jeremy. Evapotranspiration monitoring methods within an irrigated mixed vegetation environment. (Advisors: Dr. Stone, Dr. Papelis)

Miller, Anthony. Dendrochronology and streamflow reconstructions in the Colorado River Basin. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

  • 2006

Benneman, Bud. Horizontal unsaturated flow across a single fracture. (Advisor: Dr. Nicholl)

Habte, Aron. On evaluating density driven groundwater flow in the closed basin. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

Ryan, Roslyn. An analysis of the acoustic doppler velocimeter in low flow environments along the Las Vegas wash. (Advisors: Dr. Kreamer)

Shanahan, Seth. Phytoremediation of perchlorate by native and exotic riparian phreatophytes of the Las Vegas Wash, Nevada. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Tighi, Shana. Uncertainty analysis: mid-term operational model for the lower Colorado River. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

  • 2005

Pan, Feng. Uncertainty analysis of radionuclide transport in the unsaturated zone at Yucca Mountain. (Advisors: Dr. Yu and Dr. Ye)

  • 2004

Koonce, Jeremy. Geochemical interpretation on groundwater flow in the Southern Great Basin. (Advisor: Dr. Yu)

Tanko, Daron. Kytoon observation of the Lake Mead boundary layer. (Advisor: Dr. Kreamer)

  • 2001

Brown, Christopher. The effects of irrigation and nitrogen management on water use of Tall Fescue. (Advisor: Dr. Devitt)

Cloud, Sarah. Testing the potential of system dynamics models for improving public participation in resource management. (Advisor: Dr. Stave)

Schaan, Christopher. Cyclic irrigation of turfgrass using a shallow saline aquifer. (Advisor: Dr. Devitt)

  • 2000

Brown, Nicole. Modeling the diffusion of reactive and nonreactive solutes in cores from the Cannikin Test Site, Amchitka Island, Alaska. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

Downing, Reina. Imaging the mantle in southwestern, Utah using geochemistry, and geographic information systems. 2000. (Advisor: Dr. Smith)

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  • 1999

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  • 1998

Desotell, Lloyd. Radionuclide dose assessment of groundwater migrating from the Bentham Event, NTS: A solute flux approach. (Advisor: Dr. Andricevic)

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Sloop, Derek. Equilibrium studies of ion sorption on zeolitized tuff from Rainier Mesa, Nye County, Nevada. (Advisor: Dr. Papelis)

  • 1997

Buchanan, Timothy. The potential for use of storm water detention basins in the Las Vegas Valley for groundwater recharge. (Advisor: Dr. French)

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Zikmund, Kimberly. Potential use of high-salinity shallow ground or wash water for large-scale turf irrigation in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Advisor: Dr. Devitt)

  • 1996

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Cox, Sara. Relationships between the groundwaters of Ash Meadows, Death Valley, Pahranagat Valley and the Nevada Test Site based on statistical analysis and modeling of trace element data. (Advisor: Dr. Hodge)

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