"It could forcefully be argued that geology and the broader fields of the earth sciences are the most important sciences for the 21st century, because humanity has only this one planet as a home, and if we render it unsuitable for human habitation, we are all in serious trouble"

In Alvarez and Leitao (2010), Geology 38, 231-234

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UNLV Geoscience Professors and Students in the News

Oliver Tschauner names Earth's most abundant mineral

Geoscience Faculty Member awarded 2014 Distinguished Teaching Award

Field Adventures in Paleontology

Geologic History of Nevada

Asbestos in Southern Nevada

2015 Geosymposium: Student research at UNLV

In April of 2015, the UNLV Geoscience department will hosted the 10th Annual Geosymposium meeting in the Science and Engineering building (SEB)


2013 Geoscience Newsletter highlights research and accomplishments.

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