EPMA > JEOL 8900R Electron Probe Microanalyzer

CL image showing growth banding and crystal edges in calcite.  This luminescence is very faint, and a good indication of the detector's sensitivity.
A Oxford/Gatan Mini-CL Cathodoluminescence Detector is mounted inside the EPMA column.

The MiniCL utilizes a sensitive photomultiplier tube which can be positioned close to the sample while the system is under vacuum in order to collect CL emission at low or high magnification.  A mirror may be adjusted to improved collection of light emitted close to the sample normal, without restricting low magnification imaging or back scatter detection.

The high tension voltage supply and amplifier electronics are built in to the detector head of the MiniCL to reduce noise.  The output from the MiniCL is connected t the EPMA allowing the CL image to be displayed on a monitor.

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