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Nominations due Feb. 15, 2006

The George P. Woollard Award is given annually by the Geophysics Division to recognize individuals who have provided outstanding contributions to geology through the application of the principles and techniques of geophysics. The award is presented at the annual GSA meeting in conjunction with the Geophysics and Structural Geology and Tectonics Division business meetings. The recipient will be requested to deliver an honorary George P. Woollard Technical Lecture before the award ceremony that provides an overview and musings on his or her work. At the joint award ceremony, a citationist (usually the person who submitted the nomination) reads a written citation and the awardee reads a written response. A certificate is then awarded by the Geophysics Division. Both the citation and the response are subsequently posted on GSA's web site.

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To nominate, all you need is a name, contact information, and a short paragraph statement on the nominee's qualifications, including a short summary of their specific work or outcomes and how these have contributed to geology. A curricula vita, if available, helps, but is not required. Nominations, due by February 15 of each year, are evaluated by a selection committee composed of three former award recipients. After an iterative ranking process, the committee forwards the top 3 candidates to the Geophysics Division Management Board for a final vote. The name of the selected awardee is then forwarded to GSA by April 1 for approval by Council. When approved, the awardee will be notified by GSA.

2006Ken Kodama
2005Anthony B. Watts
2004David Sandwell
2003Lisa Tauxe -- Citation
2002G. Randy Keller -- Citation
2001Bradford H. Hager
2000Donald Forsyth
1999Frank M. Ritcher
1998Thomas H. Jordan
1997Robert S. White
1996Nikolas Ivan Christentsen
1995Walter D. Mooney
1994Charlotte E. Keen
1993Ron M. Clowes
1992Rob Van der Voo
1991Norman H. Sleep
1990Jack E. Oliver
1989Seiya Uyeda
1988No award given
1987Neil D. Opdyke
1986Drummond H. Matthews
1985Charles L. Drake
1984Manik Talwani
1983George A. Thompson

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