simon Jowitt_0501mSimon Jowitt

Assistant Professor

Economic geology

Starts in August 2016


BSc. (Hons) in Geology, University of Edinburgh, 2002
MSc in Mining Geology, Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, 2003
PhD in Geology, University of Leicester, 2009

Research interests:

My research focuses on the use of geochemistry to unravel geological processes in a variety of settings with direct application to understanding not only mineralising systems but also igneous petrology, mineral exploration, global tectonics and the links between magmatism and metallogeny. This expertise is not just restricted to high temperature processes but is complemented by my growing interest in low temperature processes, especially those associated with the environmental impact of mining and the use of soilgeochemistry in mineral exploration. I also undertake research in mineral economics, and the “economic” side of economic geology, as demonstrated by a number of recent publications on global Cu, Ni, Co, rare earth element and indium resources.

Selected publications:

Hardwick, B., Jowitt, S. M. & Keays, R. R. (2015) Platreef-type mineralisation within the Rietfontein PGE–Ni–Cu deposit, Eastern Limb, Bushveld Complex, South Africa: implications for formation of the Platreef. Ore Geology Reviews, 64, 253–272.

Li, X., Yuan, F., Zhang, M., Jia, C., Jowitt, S. M., Ord, A., Zheng, T., Hu, X & Li, Y. (2015) Three-dimensional mineral prospectivity modeling for targeting of concealed Fe mineralization within the Zhonggu orefield, Ningwu Basin, China. Ore Geology Reviews, 71, 633–654.

Medlin, C. C., Jowitt, S. M., Cas, R. A. F., Smithies, R. H., Kirkland, C. L., Maas, R. A., Raveggi, M., Howard, H. M., & Wingate, M. T. D. (2015) Geochemical and isotopic analysis of Mesoproterozoic felsic volcanics of the Pussy Cat Group and associated intrusions of the west Musgrave Province, central Australia: a rheomorphic, ferroan, metaluminous–peraluminous, lava-like intra-caldera ignimbrite. Journal of Petrology, 56, 493–525.

Wallace, M. L., Jowitt, S. M., & Saleem, A. (2015) Petrogenesis of mafic-ultramafic suites within the Irindina and Aileron provinces of the Northern Territory: implications for the Mesoproterozoic to Paleozoic evolution of Australia. Lithos, 234–235, 61–78.

Weng, Z. Jowitt, S. M., Mudd, G. M., & Haque, N. (2015) A Detailed Assessment of Global Rare Earth Element Resources: Opportunities and Challenges. Economic Geology, 110, 1925–1952.