minghuaMinghua Ren

Assistant Research Professor

Mineralogy, Igneous Petrology, High-Temperature Geochemistry

Office: SEB 1174
(702) 774-1465 (o), (702) 774-1482 (lab)
Email: minghua.ren@unlv.edu



Ph.D. Baylor University 2003
M.S. Baylor University
B.S. Nanjing University, China


My career interest is mineralogy, volcanology and igneous petrology, and geochemistry. I started my geology career as an economic geologist and then keep working on high temperature geochemistry. My research focuses on mineral chemistry and trace element geochemistry of silicic systems. My work involves both field and laboratory analysis for the selected targets.

Selected Publications:

R.J. Stern, K.A. Ali, M. Ren, G.H. Jarrar, R.L. Romer, M. I. Leybourne, M.J. Whitehouse, K.I. Khadir, 2016, Cadomian (560Ma) crust buried beneath the northern Arabian Peninsula: Mineral, chemical, geochronological, and isotopic constraints from NE Jordan xenoliths, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 436, 31-42

Wang, J. Chen, M. Ren, 2016, Hydrothermal zircon geochronology: Age constraint on Nanling Range tungsten mineralization (Southeast China), Ore Geology Reviews, 74, 63-75

S-M. Thomas, K. Wilson, M. Koch-Müller, E.H. Hauri, C. McCammon, S.D. Jacobsen, J. Lazarz, D Rhede, M. Ren, N. Blair, and S. Lenz, 2015, Quantification of water in majoritic garnet, American Mineralogist, 100, 1084–1092

Wu, J. Hu, M. Ren, W. Gong, Y. Liu, J. Yan, 2014, Petrography and zircon U–Pb isotopic study of the Bayanwulashan Complex: Constrains on the Paleoproterozoic evolution of the Alxa Block, westernmost North China Craton. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 94:226–239.

M.K. Azer, M.A. Obeid, M. Ren, 2014, Geochemistry and petrogenesis of late Ediacaran (605–580 Ma) post-collisional alkaline rocks from the Katherina ring complex, south Sinai, Egypt. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 93, 229–252

Courses taught:

GEOL 777: Instrumental Techniques in Geology