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The 5th Annual UNLV

GeoSymposium 2010
April 16-17, 2010

The UNLV Geoscience Department hosted its 5th Annual Geoscience Student Symposium at the Blasco Event Wing in the Foundation Building, on the UNLV campus. The symposium was student-run and designed to provide graduate and undergraduate students with an opportunity to present their original research and receive feedback from industry, civic, and government professionals, as well as academic experts.

UNLV Geoscience students planned a two-day event including presentations on Friday, April 16th, and a field trip on Saturday, April 17th. Oral presentations were offered, which included time for discussion with audience members, and student research posters were presented on the 16th. A review panel of judges awarded prizes for the best oral presentations and posters. The day concluded with a post-symposium gathering of all students, faculty, and invited guests at a reception with food and refreshments, and a silent auction of rock and mineral specimens.

This year's field trip was to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, approximately 15 miles west of Las Vegas. The field trip departed from the Lilly Fong Geoscience building (LFG) parking lot at 8:30am on April 17th, and returned to campus around 5:00pm. Lunch was provided for all participants. There were ample opportunities to take pictures of the spectacular red sandstone peaks and walls that this destination is known for!

The UNLV Geoscience Student Symposium showcased a wide range of important graduate and undergraduate research, and provided a forum for participating students to develop presentation skills in a friendly, relaxed environment. Student research projects included such diverse topics as: soils, geomorphology, hydrogeology, paleontology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, geochemistry, volcanology, seismology, structural geology, and economic geology. We hope that you can join us for the 6th Annual GeoSymposium in April 2011!

GeoSymposium 2010 Schedule

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Committee Members

Geosymposium Chair:

Vicki Meyers
Geosymposium Faculty Advisor:
Andrew Hanson
Abstracts with Programs:
Laura Eaton (chair), Corinne Griffing, Valerie Tu, Lora Griffin
Correspondence and Fundraising:
Aubrey Shirk (chair), Vicki Meyers
Facilities & Catering:
Vicki Meyers (chair), Aubrey Shirk, Mandy Williams
Field Trip:
Josh Bonde (chair), Jason Norgan
Guest Speaker Search:
Michael Giallorenzo (chair)
Silent Auction:
James Thompson (chair), Julie Baumeister, Jonathan Baker
Symposium Set-up:

Pasquale Delvecchio (chair), Lora Griffin, Joseph Asante
Web Page:
Jordan Armstrong (chair), Becki Huntoon

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