UNLV Geoscience Seminar Schedule, Spring 2014

Seminars are held on Wednesdays in the
Lilly Fong Geoscience Building (LFG), Room 102
4:00 - 5:15 pm
(unless otherwise indicated)

Date: 1/22 No Seminar first week of classes

Date: 1/29 Speaker: Brenda Buck Affiliation: UNLV Geoscience
Topic: Naturally Occurring Asbestos in Southern Nevada: Preventing Exposure

Date: 2/5 Speaker: Don Clarke Affiliation: AAPG
Topic: Hydraulic Fracturing and Earthquakes: Ethically, How Do We Move Forward and Do the Right Thing?

Date: 2/12 Speaker: Michael Ramsey Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh
Topic: Application of thermal infrared data to geoscience research and natural disasters

Date: 2/19 No seminar

Date: 2/26 Speaker: Pamela Burnley Affiliation: UNLV Geoscience
Topic: The Pattern of Stress Distribution in Rocks and its Imact on Foliation, Fracture and Flow

Date: 3/5 No Seminar

Date: 3/10 (Monday) Speaker: Candidate Lecture

Date: 3/12 Speaker: Candidate Lecture

Date: 3/19 No Seminar - Spring Break

Date: 3/24 (Monday) Speaker: Candidate Lecture

Date: 3/26 Speaker: Nicholas Christie-Blick Affiliation: Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Topic: Confronting the low-angle normal fault paradox

Date: 3/31 (Monday) Speaker: Candidate Lecture

Date: 4/2 Speaker: Candidate Lecture

Date: 4/7 (Monday) Speaker: Candidate Lecture

Date: 4/9 Speaker: Bill Stavast Affiliation: Freeport-McMoran Exploration Corporation
Topic: Deposit geology, structure, modeling and grade estimation of the Twin Buttes deposit.

Date: 4/16 No Seminar - Geosymposium week

Date: 4/23 Speaker: David Stegman Affiliation: Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Topic: The amazing story of Yellowstone-related volcanism

Date: 4/30 Speaker: James Faulds Affiliation: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Topic: Why is Nevada in hot water? Tectonic and structural controls on geothermal activity in extensional settings

Date: 5/7 No seminar last week of classes