Study Guide - GEY 101 - Exam III
Metamorphic Rocks

Which metamorphic rocks forms at the highest grade of regional metamorphism?

What play, parallel, mineral grains are the most visible of foliated metamorphic rocks?

What is the major change during metamorphism of limestone to marble?

Which low-grade metamorphic rocks, composed of extremely fine-sized mica and other mineral grains, typically exhibits well developed rock cleavage?

Which metamorphic rock is nonfoliated consisting mostly of quartz?

Which metamorphic rock is foliated, fine-grained and formed from mudstone and shale?

Which metamorphic rock is nonfoliated consisting mostly of calcite?

Which metamorphic rock is coarse-grained with compositional banding?

How is slate formed?

What is the definition of foliation?

What is the definition of a nonfoliated rock?

If a metamorphic rock has a strong, parallel alignment of coarse mice flakes and/or of different mineral bands, this is called?

What process would exhibit sheared and mechanically fragmented rocks?

Describe contact metamorphism.

What forms from the metamorphism of limestone or dolostone?

What foliated metamorphic rock is texturally intermediate between slate and schist?

What metamorphic rock is characterized by the segregation of light- and dark-colored minerals into thin layers or bands?

What type of foliation results from the parallel alignment of abundant, coarse-grained, mica flakes in a metamorphic rock?

What metamorphic rock could be used to neutralize acidic mine waters?

List all of the foliated metamorphic rocks in the order of increasing grain size and increasing grade of metamorphism.

Which metamorphic rocks are typically formed by the metamorphism of sandstone?

What is the major source of heat for contact metamorphism?

Which setting would regional metamorphism is most likely?

If graphite is identified in a particular schist, describe the parent rock and metamorphic history.

What term describes the zone of contact metamorphism surrounding an intrusive magma body?

During metamorphism, what is the major effect of chemically active fluids?

What two metamorphic rocks are composed predominantly of single minerals?

Are slate and schist both derived by metamorphism of shales and mudstones?

Is calcite the main mineral constituent of the sedimentary rock limestone and of the metamorphic rock marble?

Do metamorphic rocks formed during episodes of mountain building typically show textural characteristics indicative of shearing stress and deformation?

At high pressures and elevated temperatures of regional metamorphism are silicate rocks more resistant to flowage and deformation than at low temperature and pressures?

Are foliated metamorphic rocks composed largely of equidimensional grains of minerals such as quartz and calcite?

Is rock cleavage or slaty cleavage in slates largely a consequence of abundant, parallel-aligned, very fine-grained mica flakes in the rock?

Are muscovite, biotite, and chlorite common minerals found in phyllites and schists?

Are the distinctive layers or bands of different minerals in gneisses indicative of complex folding?

Do high-grade, regional metamorphism produce significant and recognizable changes in the textures and mineral compositions?

Which type of metamorphism occurs specifically in the heated zone around a pluton or other body of magma?

List the three most important agents of metamorphism.

What type of sedimentary rock is typically metamorphosed to form slates or phyllites?

Foliation in metamorphic rocks is mainly evident in the parallel alignment of certain minerals grains. What are they?

Which metamorphic rock or rocks exhibit alternating layers or bands of different light- and dark-colored minerals?

Which metamorphic rocks, widely used for monument and buildings, would deteriorate significantly in contact with acid rain?

What term describes the stresses associated with the boundary zone between two clocks sliding past one another in opposite directions?

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