Zhongbo Yu

Professor of Hydrogeology & Hydrology

Ph.D. - Ohio State University: 1990

Land Surface Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology, Contaminant Hydrology,
Climate change

Office: LFG 204
(702) 895-
Email: zhongbo.yu@unlv.edu

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Zhongbo Yu has conducted research on development and application of distributed hydrologic models for hydrology and climate studies; characterization and evaluation of surface water, groundwater, and groundwater contamination; multiphase and multicomponent transport in saturated and unsaturated porous media; image processing and computing visualization. His current studies include the distributed modeling of hydrologic response to atmospheric forcing in the Susquehanna river basin, field monitoring and numerical modeling of dynamic hydrologic processes in small watersheds, and interactions among atmosphere, land surface, and groundwater.

Selected Publications

Journal Papers

Wang, X., Y. Cui, Y. Pan, X. Li, Z. Yu and M.H. Young, 2008. Effects of rainfall characteristics on infiltration and redistribution patterns in revegetation-stabilized desert ecosystems, Journal of Hydrology. doi: 10.1016/ j.jhydrol.2008.06.002.

Lu, H., Y Zhu, T. H. Skaggs, and Z. Yu, 2008. Comparison of measured and simulated water storage in dryland terraces of the loess plateau, China. Agricultural Water Management. doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2008.08.010.

Yu, Z., Y. Huang, A. Baron, X. Chen, C. Yang, D. Kreamer, and M. Johnson, 2008. Contaminants in groundwater and the subsurface. In Groundwater: Modeling, Management and Contamination edited by L.F. Konig and J.L. Weiss, Nova Science Publishers, 131-150.

Yin, J., M. Young, and Z. Yu, 2008. Effects of paleoclimate and time-varying canopy structures on paleowater fluxes. Journal of Geophysical Research, 113, D06103, doi:10.1029/2007JD009010.

Yin, J., M.H. Young, L. Chen, and Z. Yu, 2008. Modeling surface runoff on a semi-arid watershed using a physically based model. World Environmental & Water Resources Congress. 10 p.


Graduate Courses:
GEY 474/674 Hydrogeology
GEY 475/675 Hydrogeochemistry
GEY 712 Watershed Hydrology
GEY 711 Principles of Hydrology
GEY 715 Advanced Hydrogeology

Other course topics include contaminant hydrology, watershed hydrology, and distributed hydrologic modeling.