Andrew D. Hanson


Associate Professor of Geology

Ph.D. - Stanford University: 1999

Sedimentation and Tectonics, Basin Analysis, Organic Geochemistry, Petroleum Geology

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Telephone: (702) 895-1092
Office: Lilly Fong Geoscience 207


The primary focus of the research that my students and I conduct is on sedimentary basins and the petroleum resources they contain. Our work is strongly field-based but incorporates both outcrop and subsurface data (seismic and borehole)(when available) and is combined with cutting edge lab analyses. Tools used in our research include geologic mapping, facies interpretation, paleocurrent analysis, sedimentary petrography, molecular organic geochemistry, basin modeling, detrital zircon analyses, apatite-fission track analysis, (U-Th)/He analysis, Ar/Ar geochronology, tephrochronology, and architectural element analysis. Currently, my students and I are working on projects focused on extensional basins in the southwestern United States, and hydrocarbon generation and migration around salt structures in the Western Pyrenees, Spain, the Lusitanian basin, Portugal and the Paradox Basin in Utah.

Research Publications

*denotes Hanson advisee

P. Druschke*, A.D. Hanson, M.L. Wells, G.E. Gehrels, and D. Stöckli, 2011, Paleogeographic isolation of the Cretaceous to Eocene Sevier hinterland, east-central Nevada: Insights from U-Pb and (U-Th)/He detrital zircon ages of hinterland strata; GSA Bulletin, v. 123, p. 1141-1160.

Hudson, Samuel M.*, and
Hanson, Andrew D., 2010, Thermal maturation and hydrocarbon migration within La Popa basin, NE Mexico, with implications for other salt structures; American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, v. 94, p. 273-291.

Ludington, Steve, John, D.A., Muntean, J.L., Hanson, A.D., Castor, S.B., Henry, C.D., Wintzer, Niki, Cline, J.S., and Simon, A.C., 2009, Mineral-resource assessment of northern Nye County, Nevada; a progress report: U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report 2009-1217, 13 p.

Druschke P.*, Hanson, A.D., and Wells, M.L., 2009, Structural, stratigraphic, and geochronologic evidence for extension predating Palaeogene volcanism in the Sevier hinterland, east-central Nevada; in Ernst, W.G. ed. International Geology Review Special Issue: Rise and Fall of the Nevadaplano – Part 1, v. 51, p. 743-775. Funding provided by NSF. (pdf available on request)

Druschke, Peter*,
Hanson, Andrew D., Wells Michael L., Rasbury, Troy, Stockli, Daniel F., and Gehrels, George, 2009, Synconvergent surface-breaking normal faults of Late Cretaceous age within the Sevier hinterland, east-central Nevada; Geology, v. 37, p. 447-450. Funding provided by NSF. Available .pdf

Druschke, Peter A.*, Jiang, Ganqing, Anderson, Thomas B. and
Hanson, Andrew D., 2009, Stromatolites in the Late Ordovician Eureka Quartzite: implication for microbial growth and preservation in siliciclastic settings; Sedimentology, v. 56, p. 1275-1291. Available .pdf


GEOL 101 Introductory Geology: Exploring Planet Earth
GEOL 348 Field I
GEOL 370 Field II
GEOL 372 Field III
GEOL 462 Principles of Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
GEOL 471 Petroleum Geology

GEOL 671 Petroleum Geology
GEOL 765 Seminar in Stratigraphy
GEOL 770 Sedimentary Basins
GEOL 780 Terrigenous Depositional Systems
GEOL 782 Sandstone Petrology
GEOL 785 Seminar in Sedimentology
GEOL 796 Petroleum Geochemistry

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