Geoscience Directory

Faculty and students in the Department of Geoscience encompass a broad array of disciplines. Here you will find information on their areas of specialization, current research, teaching, and outreach.

Department Faculty

Joshua Bonde
Assistant Professor In Residence
Taphonomy/Vertebrate Paleontology, LFG 123
Phone: (702)895-1774
Brenda J. Buck
Professor Soil Science & Geomorphology of Desert Landscapes (Modern & Ancient) SEB 4131
Phone: (702)895-1694
Pamela C. Burnley
Associate Research Professor High Pressure Rock Deformation, Mineral Physics, Metamorphic Petrology, Geoscience Education LFG 202B
Phone: (702)895-5460
Jean S. Cline
Professor Economic Geology, Geochemistry LFG 208
Phone: (702)895-1091

Melissa K Giovanni

Visiting Assistant Professor, Field Geology
Geochemistry LFG
Phone: (702)895-1092
Andrew D. Hanson
Associate Professor Sedimentology, Basin Analysis, Petroleum Geology, Organic Geochemistry LFG 207
Phone: (702)895-1092
Elisabeth (Libby) M. Hausrath
Undergraduate Coordinator
Assistant Professor Soil-forming Processes, Water-rock Interaction, Chemical Weathering, Mars Geochemistry SEB 4132
Phone: (702)895-1134
Shichun Huang
Assistant Professor
High Temperature Geochemistry; Petrology; Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes; Cosmochemistry
LFG 201B
Phone: (702)895-2635
Ganqing Jiang
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Associate Professor Sequence and Chemostratigraphy, Sedimentology, Carbonate Diagensis SEB 3241
Phone: (702)895-2708
Gabriel L. Judkins
Assistant Professor in Residence
Human-Environment Interactions, Environmental Degradation, Land-Use and Land-Cover Change, Free Trade Agreements, Remote Sensing LFG 116
Phone: (702)895-4302
David K. Kreamer
Professor Hydrogeology, Contaminant Transport by Groundwater LFG 205
Phone: (702)895-3553
Matthew S. Lachniet
Graduate Program Coordinator
Associate Professor Quaternary Geology, Paleoclimatology, Isotope Geochemistry SEB 3240
Phone: (702)895-4388
Rodney V. Metcalf
Associate Professor Metamorphic and Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry LFG 203
Phone: (702)895-4442
Michael J. Nicholl
Associate Department Chair
Associate Professor Vadose Zone Hydrology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Geological Engineering LFG 227
Phone: (702)895-4616
Margaret N. (Peg) Rees
Professor Executive Director of the Public Lands Institute Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Feminist Geoscience Education
Phone: (702)895-3890
Minghua Ren
Assistant Research Professor Electron Microanalysis and Imaging Lab
Phone: (702)774-1465 Lab: (702)774-1482
Stephen M. Rowland
Professor, Paleontology, History of Geology LFG 210
Phone: (702)895-3625
Terry L. Spell
Department Chair
Associate Professor Geochronology, Volcanology LFG 206
Phone: (702)895-1171
Wanda J. Taylor
Professor Structural Geology, Extensional and Contractional Tectonics LFG 214
Phone: (702)895-4615
Sylvia-Monique Thomas
Assistant Research Professor High-Pressure/High-Temperature Mineral Physics, Rock Deformation, Mineral Spectroscopy, Physical Properties of Earth & Planetary Materials, ‘Water’ in Minerals & Glasses LFG 114
Phone: (702)895-3071
Oliver Tschauner
Associate Research Professor High-Pressure Experimental Physics BPB 110 Phone: (702)895-1716
Arya Udry
Assistant Professor
Phone: (702)895-1239
Michael L. Wells
Professor, Tectonics, Structural Geology, Microstructural Analysis, Thermochronology LFG 221
Phone: (702)895-0828
Zhongbo Yu
Professor, Hydrogeology, Hydrology LFG 204
Phone: (702)895-2447

Emeritus Faculty

Frederick W. Bachhuber:
Quaternary Geology, Palynology, Environmental Geology Emeritus
Eugene I. Smith
Igneous Petrology, Volcanic Stratigraphy, Geochemistry LFG 219
Phone: (702)895-3971
David L. Weide:
Geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Environmental Geology Deceased June 25, 2008 UNLV Geoscience Faculty Member 1973-2004
Ann Wyman:
Mineralogy Deceased June 23, 2009 UNLV Geoscience Faculty Member 1966-1994